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My name is Kelly Rychart

Hello Lovely! 

Business Breakthrough and Alignment Coach

Helping you get unstuck to expand your business to new levels though innovative mindset shifts.


FREE Mindset Quiz

This quiz is designed to pinpoint your mindset strengths and weaknesses so we can develop a plan to overcome any obstacles that are keeping you from achieving your goals.
Do you frequently feel stuck and or overwhelmed in your business?
Do you frequently doubt your abilities or second-guess your decisions?
When faced with a challenge, do you tend to focus on the potential for failure rather than the potential for success?
Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others and feeling like you don't measure up?
Are you afraid of taking risks or trying new things because of the possibility of failure?
Do you have a tendency to blame external factors, such as bad luck or lack of resources, for your lack of success?
Do you often feel like no matter what you do, you seem to always fall short of your goals?
Do you often feel frustrated with the pace of your business growth?
Do you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve with your online business?
How do you respond to setbacks or failures?
Are you open to feedback and willing to make changes to improve your online business?
Are you open and ready to create the success you want to see in your business?
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